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The Bookshop

The Claremont Forum Bookshop:

A Non-Profit, Independent Used Bookstore with a Mission

The Claremont Forum Bookshop is a great place to find a good read, whether you're a student, a collector, or just a book lover. We have a wide selection of books in all genres, as well as artwork from local artists, greeting cards, and other gifts. And best of all, proceeds from all sales support the Prison Library Project, which provides books and educational materials to incarcerated adults.

The Prison Library Project is one of the nation's largest book-to-prisoners programs. Volunteers meet at the Bookshop to fulfill book requests from incarcerated adults, who often have limited access to books and educational materials. The PLP has sent nearly a million books to prisons nationwide since it took leadership of the project in1993.

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Claremont Forum Bookshop Logo
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Shop, Read, Donate, and Repeat

Our store is fortunate to be located in a city that loves books! We continue to get quality fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, classics, mysteries and more each week from the community. Our books are all in excellent or new condition (they have to be to make it to our bookshelves!).

Donations come in on a daily basis and we are continually restocking so be sure to visit us often to see what’s new. Our staff and volunteers have a passion for books and can assist you in tracking down a title that you are sure to love. Brick-and-mortar bookstores bring an experience that online sellers cannot match. Browse our shelves and find the books that you weren’t necessarily looking for but are perfect for you! Our frequent shoppers also know that they often run into books that are still on the bestseller list available for a fraction of the price.

Donate Books

Our project depends on donated books to survive. We always need quality used books and as a 501(c)(3) your donation is tax deductible. We will gladly accept donations of new or used books from individuals, publishers, and booksellers.

The Prison Library Project

All book sales help support the Prison Library Project (PLP). The PLP sends books and educational material to incarcerated men and women nationwide. 

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