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Volunteer Opportunities:

Reading Letters

Inmates from across the country write to the PLP requesting books and resources. Volunteers read each letter and highlight what types of books the inmate might like to read.

Pulling Books

Volunteers browse the shelves of our Bookshop to find the best match for each letter. Volunteers who have a good knowledge of books are needed.


Once books have been selected, volunteers wrap and label the books for mailing.

Other Jobs

We can always use volunteers to help sort donated books. We also have other projects that come up - such as research or sending cards and information to individual prisoners.

Volunteer Requirements

  1. Volunteers must be 16+ years old. Younger volunteers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  2. Volunteers are most successful if they have a high school reading level (or higher)

  3. Volunteers must be comfortable reading letters from people who are in prison.

  4. Volunteers must respect the confidentiality of those who write to the PLP.

  5. Volunteers must be able to come during set volunteer days (Tuesdays and Wednesdays). Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate other days at this time.

  6. Volunteers must have a respectful and willing attitude to help with the various duties and responsibilities given to them by staff and management.


Individuals and Groups

The PLP is a great place for church, student, or other community groups to volunteer. We need to plan ahead to accommodate groups, so having a very advanced notice is helpful, otherwise we may not be able to house your group. Contact our bookstore manager, Mckenna Deluca, at for more information, or with any questions you may have.

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