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Letters from Prisoners

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

. . . The Prison Library Project has been very helpful with the service they provide. Plenty of times they have provided me with useful self-help books. Like a dictionary to help with my spelling and help me learn more words. It was needed a lot because I write poetry & would like to write books. . . . when I’m able to get a job I’ll earn more money. Kenneth M., Lamesa, TX

I want you to know how much your efforts help me. I’m in a place where it’s a struggle daily to keep my mind occupied . . . I enjoy getting so deep into a book that when I look up I’ve been hours in another world, another time, another reality. It’s those times that keep me sane in a place where sanity is in short supply. Kevin M., Beaumont, TX

Thank you for the dictionary I received. It has helped me a lot. It improved my vocabulary & literacy skills. It inspired personal growth & redemption as in learned & reading spiritual books with big words & vocabulary I didn’t know . . . it allowed me to use prison time more productive . . . it has made a positive change in my life. Vincent R., Coleman, FL

I cannot begin to tell you just how much books have helped me through the past few years . . . Books are not just an educational tool but also a psychological tool providing an escape from the reality of prison life . . . there are many of us who don’t have family or friends able to order books for us. Thankfully there are amazing organizations like the “Prison Library Project” to help provide books to us . . . Jonathan E., Beaumont, TX

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