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Donate Textbooks to Support Education Behind Bars

Give Your Textbooks a Second Chance

As the academic year comes to a close, consider giving your used textbooks a second life where they can make a real difference. The Claremont Forum's Prison Library Project (PLP) invites you to donate your textbooks to help support educational efforts for incarcerated individuals.

Why Donate?

Education is a powerful tool that offers hope and can significantly change lives, particularly in the prison environment. Access to educational resources is a crucial need for incarcerated individuals, helping to reduce recidivism and prepare them for a successful reintegration into society. Your textbook donations can make a profound difference.

What We Need

We are specifically looking for newer textbooks in good condition. While paperback versions are preferred due to their ease of use and shipping, we also accept hardcover editions. We are interested in introductory-level textbooks from all academic disciplines, as these are particularly useful for inmates pursuing educational milestones like the GED or starting college courses.

Picture of the Claremont forum bookshop
We are located inside the Claremont Packing House. The Bookshop is open Thursday through Sunday.

How to Donate

Donating your used textbooks is easy:

  • Drop Off: Bring your textbooks to our Bookshop at the Claremont Packing House, located at 586 W. 1st St. in the West Village.

  • Campus Collection: We would love to have volunteers help set up donation boxes!

The Impact of Your Donation

By donating your textbooks, you're not just clearing out space on your shelf—you're contributing to a cause that offers education and hope to those who are often forgotten. Every book you provide becomes a stepping stone for someone's future. If we are unable to use your textbook, we will be able to resell it and use those funds to purchase other educational materials.


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