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Claremont Farmers

& Artisans Market

Sundays | 8 AM to 1 PM in the Claremont Village


The Claremont Farmers & Artisans Market is located on Harvard Ave. in the Claremont Village. (Just across the street from City Hall.) Parking is available throughout the Village.

We are a Certified Farmers Market

California Certified Farmers’ Markets are the “real thing,” which means that they are places where the farmers sell their crops directly to the public. Before a farmer can sell at a certified market, the government checks to make sure that the farmer grows the produce they are selling and that they abide by state agricultural guidelines.

Elimination of packing, shipping and wholesale costs means both the farmer and consumer save money (and help the environment!) Come enjoy the safe, nutritious, vine and tree-ripened fruit and vegetables that are California-grown and certified by the State of California.

Artisans Market

Each week we host 8 different local artisans. We rotate between over 35 different artists, and are always adding new faces! You will find clothing, jewelry, handcrafted items and more. Our weekly market is the perfect place to find unique artisanal crafts made locally.

Shop, enjoy strolling the beautiful tree-lined streets and be sure to check out the many nearby restaurants and shops.  

Curated for quality

In addition to being local, our director, Kathy Spear, makes sure the market has variety, quality handmade goods. Our artists are creative entrepreneurs who are happy to explain how items are created and sourced.

Farm fresh and locally grown.

An Independent, Nonprofit Marketplace

The Farmers & Artisans Market was founded in 1996 to connect California farmers and artisans to the local community. We now have over 100 growers and artisan members sharing their goods and services throughout the year.

Our farmers are working diligently to bring the freshest and most nutritious produce our rich local agricultural land has to offer for you and your families.

Support Education and Literacy in Prisons Nationwide

The Claremont Forum sponsors this weekly event and we are committed to helping promote local family farmers and to bring quality produce to our community. Proceeds from each market also help to support our service projects, such as the Prison Library Project.

The Claremont Farmers Market has great seasonal produce and organic growers. Follow the market on Facebook. Be sure to stop by our weekly bookstall for a great selection of used books – proceeds support the Prison Library Project.

Gathering food and friends together since 1996.

Find Us

The Claremont Farmers & Artisans Market is located on Harvard Ave. (between 1st St. & Bonita Ave) in the Claremont Village.



  • Three-hour parking is available in six lots throughout the Village, with additional three-hour parking available in the parking structure located on the southwest corner of College Avenue and First Street.

  • Most on-street parking near storefronts is two-hour parking.
  • All-day parking is available at the public parking lots located: west of Indian Hill at First Street; at the Metrolink parking lot east of College Avenue; and on the streets specified on the map above.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The market is sponsored by the Claremont Forum, a 501(c)(3) organization.

  • Fresh Food. The fruit, vegetables, bread, nuts and specialty foods are farm fresh. 
  • Community Support. The Market is a non-profit organization that donates its proceeds back to the community and supports a nationwide prison book program. In 2018 over $60,000 in support for the Prison Library Project was largely made possible by proceeds from the market.
  • Local Farmers. Your food choices help small, local farmers and food artisans survive and thrive, bucking the trend of corporate food.
  • Education. Learn about your food sources, farming practices, nutrition, current agricultural issues, organics, and more.
  • Weekly Community. The Claremont market is a gathering place for people who love food. You’re bound to see friends and neighbors at the market each week, exchange recipes and food tips, and you’ll probably make new friends, too.
  • Certified Farmers’ Markets (CFMs) are organizations that are inspected and certified by state and county officials, to be in compliance with the California direct marketing code. Here, certified farmers sell agricultural products they have grown themselves, directly to the public. The Claremont Forum Farmers & Artisans Market is a California Certified Farmers Market.

What is organic?

  • Regarding a California Certified Farmers’ Market, any produce labeled organic meets the standards of the National Organic Program, a national code that is based largely on what was existing California organic law at the time it went into effect in 2000. California organic farmers register every crop they grow organically with the State of California, and for a farmer to label their produce organic, their organic practices must be certified annually by a nationally accredited agency, such as CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers).
  • Generally speaking, organic produce is grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Organic farmers rely instead on natural fertilizers like compost, integrated weed management such as applying natural mulches, and integrated pest management, such as supporting a variety of wildlife and soil life that keeps bad bugs at bay. For more information on organic farming, research, and certification procedures visit the Organic Farming Research Foundation website.

If you are a certified farmer or food vendor, you can apply here.  Artisans can apply here. Our market managers will review your application and contact you if approved.  You can contact our managers directly (see below).


Oscar DeLeon
(714) 345-3087


Kathy Spear
(909) 949-1842