American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) National Prison Project

915 15th St. NW 7th Floor, Washington DC 20005
Write for list of publications and the contact info for the ACLU office in your state including Native American resources for inmates.

Coalition for Prisoners’ Rights – Prison Project of Santa Fe

PO Box 1911 Santa Fe, NM 87504
Monthly newsletter free to currently and formally incarcerated individual and family members. Stamps and donations needed.

Heart of the Earth Survival School Prison Program

National Indian Prisoner Support Network C/o Ted Means, Vernon Bellecourt
1209 Fourth St, S.E. Minneapolis, MN 55414

National Native American Prisoners Rights/Advocacy Coalition

C/o Len Foster Navajo Nation Corrections Project
P.O. Drawer 709 Window Rock, AZ 86515

Native American Indian Inmate Support Project

8 Dallas Dr, Grantville, PA 17208
Supports the introduction of Native American religious ceremonies and programs in prisons.

Native American Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Research Project

2848 Paddock Lane, Villa Hills, KY 41017
Offers many services for Native American prisoners, including legal and spiritual support, tribal and cultural programs, and direct contact with prison administrators.

Southern Center for Human Rights

83 Poplar St. NW Atlanta, GA 30303-2122
Founded in 1976 to 1) fight the death penalty and 2) challenge cruel and unconstitutional treatment of imprisoned men, women, and children throughout the U.S. South. Center attorneys represent people facing the
death penalty; provide technical assistance to other attorneys; and represent individuals confined to prisons and jail in federal class action litigation.

South Dakota Prisoner Support Group

P.O. Box 3285 Rapid City, SD 57709
Following a rash of deaths in South Dakota prisons, the PSG was formed to support people on the inside, ex-prisoners, family, and friends, and to draw attention to racist injustice, medical neglect, and illegal  conditions inside S.D. prisons and jails. Some members speak the Sioux language.

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